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PU wheel with Nylon rim series


Industrial castor PU wheel with Nylon rim is composed of Nylon rim and polyurethane (PU) wheel tread.

 The Nylon rim provides the stability and durability of the castors, while the PU wheel tread gives the castors good wear resistance and silence.

 This caster can be used on various occasions, such as logistics and transportation equipment, storage equipment, factory production lines, etc.


 The wheel rim of this castor is made of high-quality Nylon material with very high strength and durability.

 Nylon rim castors can withstand heavy loads and impact more than other materials.

 This makes it very suitable for use in heavy equipment and transports such as handcarts, forklifts and handling equipment.

 Nylon rim also has good corrosion resistance, can be used in a wet or corrosive environment for a long time, and is not easy to rust.


 This series Castor wheel tread is made of high-quality polyurethane (PU) casting, which is an important part of PU castor with Nylon rim.

 PU material has good wear resistance and impact resistance, which can effectively reduce the friction and wear of castors and the ground, and prolong the service life.

 In addition, PU materials also have good chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance and can be used in a variety of harsh environments.

 As well as, the PU material also has a certain elasticity, making the castor more stable when driving, reducing vibration and noise.


 The advantage of Nylon rim PU castors lies not only in the characteristics of the material but also in its design and manufacturing process.

 Our castors come in fixed, swivel and with brake styles. Sizes include 100mm, 160mm and 200mm.

 The advantage of fixed castors lies in the smooth linear movement, while the swivel castors can rotate freely, with easy movement and steering. Castors with brakes can slow down or stop the movement of vehicles, thus ensuring traffic safety.


 The manufacturing process of the Nylon rim PU castor is also very important, and the high-quality manufacturing process can ensure the stability and durability of the castor.

 Our castors use high-quality lubricants to make them smoother and more durable at a certain low temperature.


 All in all, the industrial castor with PU wheel and Nylon rim is a very practical and durable industrial castor.

 Its Nylon rim provides stability and durability, while the polyurethane (PU) wheel tread gives it wear resistance and silence.

 This series of castors is widely used on various occasions, such as logistics and transportation equipment, storage equipment and factory production lines.

 Both in heavy and light equipment, the nylon core PU castors can provide stable and reliable support, and have a long service life.

It is an integral part of modern industry, providing convenience and efficiency for the transportation and movement of a variety of equipment and tools.

Post time: Sep-27-2023